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Me First! Me First!

It’s the self-centered cry of little children thinking only of themselves in the moment. They are small kids so it’s okay and sometimes even cute. It’s not quite as adorable when it’s a grown or almost grown person acting that way, especially driving their car. You may not have thought of it this way but [...]

Buckle Up Children

Here I am back again sounding like the supreme back seat driving nag. Buckle up, slow down, check your blind spots etc. etc. and on and on! Well……… last week two people in my area were killed in a car accident and guess what? Neither were wearing their seat belt! I’m not easily surprised much [...]

Is Sixteen Too Young To Drive?

This is the question state governments discuss when trying to evaluate the drivers license issuance. Every few years some state’s legislatures including my state of Tennessee try to vote to try to raise the legal age to begin driving a car. In most states the age now to get a learners permit is fifteen and [...]

Driving on Ice

Driving a car on the ice requires a different set of skills than driving on dry pavement or even rainy conditions. You can’t get away with the things you normally might like speeding, quick lane changing and other questionable driving practices. Your total stopping distance is greatly reduced and handling ability is at a minimum. [...]


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