License Testing Information

LICENSE – Students that have completed our teen classroom course are eligible to test with us for the driver’s license instead of testing at the DMV.  Student must be at least 15 1/2 years old and have a TN learners permit to test.  The testing fee is $55 and can be added to your classroom registration, or you can pay later when you schedule your test.   Students must bring their learners permit and social security card for the required state paperwork.  If possible, please plan to have us test your teen at least two weeks prior to when you would like to pick up their license at the DMV to allow the state to process the paperwork.  You can make an appointment at for a “drivers license without a test” to turn in your license paperwork at the DMV, get your picture and be out the door quickly!

NOTE we cannot test anyone for a license if they have applied or been approved for a hardship license.

PERMIT – You do not need to have a permit to take our course.  Many students will use our classroom course to help them prepare for the learners permit (knowledge test) however we do not administer the test.  Permit tests must be taken through the DMV in person or online with a parent proctor.  All ages are required to test for a permit however students aged 18 and older do not have to hold that permit for any minimum amount of time while 15-17 year olds must hold the permit for at least six months.  Go to and click on drivers services to schedule your permit test and to get additional information.