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How can I get a hardship license?2017-05-26T15:42:47-05:00

The teen classroom course we provide fulfills the Tennessee state requirements for a drivers education course for a hardship license. Click here to leave BrentwoodDriverTraining.com for more information on eligibility for a hardship driver’s license (Class H or XH).

Can students re-take the test if they fail with you?2018-01-22T16:44:45-06:00

The Tennessee Department of Safety will not allow us to administer a re-test for any student.

Less than 2% of our students fail the test for their license when they take our teen classroom course.

As much as we would like to be able to re-test your student if they fail the license test, the Tennessee Department of Safety does not allow any driving school to re-test.

Any students that fail a test through our teen classroom course are welcome to seek additional help from us to prepare them for the test at the DMV.

How long is the test you provide valid for a license?2020-01-14T20:09:30-06:00

365 days

Do you guarantee students a license when they take your course?2018-01-22T16:43:40-06:00

Although we have a pass rate of over 98% we cannot guarantee your student a license just by attending our course. The money you have paid is for the driver’s ed class. License testing is complementary at our discretion with no additional charge.

We serve several thousand students each year and because of our intensive review & training nearly all of them pass for a license.

Six hours of behind-the-wheel training may not be enough experience for a student to be proficient enough to pass a road test. If you have no driving experience at all, you may not be ready for a driver’s license. Some students do surprise us and pass the test with just our training time.

Brentwood Driver Training offers lessons at a reduced rate after completing a course if needed.

What if I have not finished the Home Video Course by my last lesson?2018-01-22T16:46:22-06:00

We will collect a refundable $40 deposit on the book & video until the course is completed. The certificate of completion will also be withheld until all materials are returned.

Please DO NOT cancel your last lesson because you aren’t finished with the materials.

The rescheduling fee is non-refundable, but the $40 deposit on the book and video will be returned to you once you’ve completed the course. Simply call and make an appointment to bring the materials back to our Brentwood location for grading and certificate issuance.

How long does it take to complete the home video course?2017-04-26T02:21:38-05:00

One to two weeks depending on the driving schedule you choose.

The beauty of the home video course is its convenience. You can schedule lessons whenever you are available.

If a student wants to finish everything quickly, they can finish in as little as 3 days, whereas some students take as many as 5 weeks to complete everything.

What is included in the home video course material?2018-01-22T16:45:34-06:00

Videos are on our YouTube channel.

Can I test for a license through the home video course?2018-01-22T16:42:51-06:00

No. The state only allows us to test for a license through our teen classroom course.

Students are required to attend a supervised classroom course by state law in order for a driving school to administer a test for a license.

However, students may still receive a certificate of completion for the Home Video Course for an insurance discount.

The home video course is very thorough and still holds valuable information that helps students pass their tests at the Driver Testing Station (a.k.a DMV).

How do I sign up for the home video course?2017-04-26T02:20:12-05:00

Call our main office at (615) 373-5634 to schedule driving times.

When you call, please be prepared to schedule all 6 hours of driving time with our representative. Upon completion of scheduling our representative will send you a driving contract with the dates, times, & locations for pick-up via mail.

Often times when a lesson is scheduled for just a few days later the driving instructor will have the contract with them when they pick up your student (rather than sending it via mail).

All materials are dropped off with the student on the first lesson and picked back up on the last one.

How do we get the license after completing the course?2018-01-22T16:41:17-06:00

We submit your student’s test information to the Dept. of Safety electronically, so all you need to do is take the CDTP Awareness Form we provide to the License Station along with the other required documents.

What should students bring to class?2019-12-22T11:50:51-06:00

Blue pen, non-spiral notebook, and $7 for a provided lunch (Pizza, Subs, etc.) or a lunch from home. Students cannot leave the grounds to get lunch unless their parent signs them out.

What times are the classes held?2017-05-26T15:42:47-05:00

All dates and times are on the registration form.

Since we offer a number of variations of the course, you should check the registration form for the times of the class you want. If you are taking our course at your school instead of one of our locations, ask your school’s main office for dates, times, & room numbers.

Do you do the in-car driving if there is bad weather that day?2020-01-14T20:08:05-06:00

In almost all cases lessons will continue as scheduled.

It is actually more beneficial for your student to experience different weather conditions with a trained instructor rather than having to experience it on their own for the first time.

Why is there a charge when I cancel a driving lesson?2018-01-22T16:40:40-06:00

We still pay our instructor for the driving lesson. We book our lessons in advance and reserve time with an instructor for you. When you cancel or do not show up, it causes the instructor to lose hours and often have an empty gap in their schedule. No charge with 48 hours notice.

What forms of payment do you accept?2018-01-22T16:39:36-06:00

Credit Card, Cash, Money Order, Check payable to Brentwood Driver Training

When is the in-car driver training available?2020-01-14T20:10:34-06:00

We offer in-car driving lessons Monday-Saturday from 9AM to 7PM.

Teenagers generally drive Monday-Friday after school or on Saturdays. We can pick up your student at home, school, or work and drop them off at home. That way parents don’t have to worry at all about working it into their own busy schedule.

Adult lessons are offered Monday-Saturday from 9AM to 3PM. We pick you up at home or work and return home at the end of the lesson.

What ages are allowed to take the teen classroom course?2018-01-22T16:39:07-06:00

Ages 14.5 to 19 years old.

Can I sign up for extra driving lessons after taking the classroom course?2017-04-26T02:02:47-05:00


Additional lessons may be scheduled in two hour increments. We will still provide the same home pick-up services at no additional cost.

What do I need to take with me to the License Station?2018-11-13T10:34:08-06:00

IMPORTANT: None of the following materials are required by Brentwood Driver Training. The materials listed are required by the license issuance station only.

When your student takes our classroom course they will need to take the following to the license station:


  1. Original birth certificate
  2. Proof of social security
  3. Compulsory school attendance form (students under 18)


  1. Your learner’s permit
  2. The CDTP Awareness Form we provide when your student passes their test with us

Can’t find what you need? Visit our required documents and obtaining documents pages for help.