Teen Classroom Course

We strive to equip teens with the essential skills necessary to become safe, confident, and reliable drivers. Ready to handle anything!

  • Cost: $595 (+ 3%cc fee)

  • Ages 15 to 18 (14 year olds with hardship approval)

  • 30 hours classroom
  • 6 hours behind-the-wheel
  • Insurance discount
  • Virtual simulation
  • Driver’s license testing

Home Video Driver Training

Our home video course is great for teenagers with busy schedules. You can start anytime and most drivers can finish in a week.

  • Cost: $595 (+ 3%cc fee)

  • All ages
  • 6 hours behind-the-wheel
  • Same as our class curriculum

  • Insurance discount
  • Virtual simulation
  • No driver’s license testing

Individual Driving Lessons

Need some extra instruction? Our private in-car driving lessons are perfect for drivers looking for a convenient 1-on-1 lesson.

  • Cost: $165 / 2 hours (+ 3%cc fee)
  • Available from 9am-3pm Mon-Fri (no June/July)

  • 2 hour minimum
  • Home pick-up in eligible areas
  • Take as many as you need
  • 3-lesson pack for $490


We have been providing drivers ed in middle Tennessee since 1992 and trained over 100,000 students.


While receiving the finest driver education course & getting an insurance discount, you can also test with us for a driver’s license instead of testing at the DMV!


We are the ONLY driving school in middle Tennessee with fully dual-controlled cars (steering, brakes & gas). No one else can give you this level of safety.


We offer continual year-round classes at several locations across middle Tennessee. We even pick you up at home or school for the in-car driving school lessons.

Why Choose Our Driving School?

Take your license test with us and skip the DMV!
Classes year around that work with kids busy schedules.
Only driving school in the state with Dual Controlled Cars


Convenient Locations Throughout Middle Tennessee.

West Nashville Driving School Location

Nashville Classroom

Join us at our Nashville campus, strategically situated at 3415 West End Avenue in the Continental Building, at the crossroads of West End Ave. and I-440. Discover us on the ground floor, featuring a distinct exterior entrance, prepared to provide dynamic classroom sessions crafted for the needs of teen drivers.

Brentwood Classroom

Our Main Office Location

Feel the welcoming atmosphere as you step into Brentwood Driving School, centrally situated at 233 Wilson Pike Circle. On the very street as the Brentwood Skate Center, and in proximity to Church Street, your journey to driving success begins with enrollment today!

Franklin Classroom

Explore the convenience offered by our Franklin driving school, located at 4149 Mallory Lane, just moments from Centennial High School. Whether you’re a local resident or a student at Centennial High, our Franklin driving school stands as the prime destination for nurturing driving skills. Enroll with us today!

Our Commitment

To Our Community

Making Middle Tenessee Safer One Driver at a Time

Our driving school is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the community by offering comprehensive driving education programs. Our top priority is to instill safety and responsibility in all our students, equipping them with essential skills to navigate the roads confidently. Through our rigorous training, we actively contribute to reducing accidents and promoting road safety in the community.

See What People Have to Say

Our Driving School Helped Over 100,000 Drivers Find Their Place On The Road 

“I am so appreciative of the driver (James) I got, he not only helped me get confidence in driving but helped me to get my license! If it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t have gotten my license. My sister went through your driving school an got hers as well. Highly recommend to anyone who needs help learning the roads and driving!”

Melanie Rodriguez

“A great school with professional and competent instructors, who make the learning process enjoyable, safe and after each class I can feel the big progress I made. I am so happy I found them for my individual lessons! My instructor is John, he is very experienced, knowledgeable, encouraging and has the perfect words and advice for any situation.”

Ruzan Mkrtchyan Whitten

“The staff was very friendly and helpful. The associates took time to explain the complexities of getting a licence; they promptly returned phone calls and were willing to listen to and advise on our unique situation. I highly recommend this driving school for all teenagers 16 -19 years. Thanks!”

Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough

“Extreme talented teacher they have whose name is John! He is apt with his teaching! I was little skeptical at first to try teacher for driving but John made sure that I m comfortable ! With only 3 sessions he took, my driving skill went to pro from beginner ! I cleared my test at DMV with a biggest compliment “ one of the finest driver “ thanks to him!!! Highly recommended John and Brentwood driver services!! Kudos to you all!!”

Sukeshani Saurabh

“I highly recommend Brentwood Driver Training. Both of my kids have completed their training at BDT and as a parent, I feel they are fully trained and equipped to drive safely on the roads. They are extremely professional and have an individualized approach in pairing the best instructors with their students. This allowed for my kids to feel comfortable and most importantly learn how to safely navigate as they drive through different scenarios with their dual-controlled cars and simulators. Hands down the best driving school in town!!”

Monica Knight

“Both my teens have gone through this school and loved it! They learned so much and their driving capabilities were night and day from what they were before. With all that they learned on the road and in class they are now so much more responsible and aware of the dangers on the road. The staff was so informative, personable and insightful. Our insurance was cut in half with their certification of the class which was a huge help! Highly recommend this school at every level!”

Kristi LaRee

Why Drive with BDT?

Brentwood Driver Training stands out from the competition with its unmatched commitment to safety, excellence, and community involvement. Our experienced instructors create a friendly and engaging learning environment, focusing on personalized instruction tailored to each student’s needs. We offer state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge driving simulators, and convenient scheduling options. Additionally, our active participation in community outreach and safe driving initiatives solidifies our position as the driving school of choice for responsible and confident drivers.

Professional Instructors

Our amazing instructors at Brentwood Driver Training are the heart of our driving school. Highly skilled and patient, they bring years of experience to the classroom, making learning enjoyable and effective. Their friendly approach ensures a comfortable atmosphere, empowering students to ask questions and learn at their own pace. Dedicated to fostering safe driving habits and building confidence, our instructors go above and beyond to ensure each student becomes a responsible and skilled driver, ready to take on the roads with confidence.

Training Fleet

Our fleet of training vehicles are second to none. With over 20 cars available, students have ample opportunities for hands-on practice. Each vehicle is meticulously maintained and cleaned, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic learning environment. Equipped with dual controls, our cars provide an added layer of safety during driving lessons. The air-conditioned interiors ensure a pleasant experience in all weather conditions. Our vehicles are regularly evaluated by the state to meet the highest safety standards, giving students the confidence to learn and master their driving skills with peace of mind.

In-Class Simulators

Experience cutting-edge driving instruction with our in-class driving simulators. Our simulators provide a realistic driving environment, allowing students to practice various road scenarios in a safe setting. With interactive controls and real-time visuals, learners gain valuable experience and confidence before hitting the road. Guided by our skilled instructors, students can perfect their skills, making them better-prepared drivers for real-life challenges. The driving simulators are a key part of our comprehensive training program, providing a hands-on and engaging learning experience for all our students.

State Certified

Brentwood Driver Training takes immense pride in its state certification, a testament to our commitment to excellence and adherence to rigorous standards. Our driving school has met all the requirements set forth by the state regulatory authorities, ensuring that our programs, facilities, and instructors meet the highest quality benchmarks. With our state certification, students can trust that they are receiving top-notch instruction and training, preparing them to become safe, responsible, and confident drivers on the road.

Convenient Locations 

Our three conveniently located branches in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin make it easier than ever for students to access our exceptional driving education. With multiple locations, learners can choose the one that best suits their schedule and proximity. Each site offers the same high-quality instruction, modern facilities, and experienced instructors, ensuring a consistent and rewarding learning experience no matter the location. Emphasizing accessibility and convenience, our multiple branches cater to the diverse needs of our students, making their journey towards becoming skilled and responsible drivers as smooth as possible.

Insurance Discounts

Unlock significant savings with our driving course! Different insurance companies offer various discounts, so don’t forget to ask your provider about the drivers ed discount. You could save 3-4 times the cost of our course, making it a smart and rewarding investment. Take advantage of the discounts available and become a skilled driver while securing great insurance savings.