Individual Driving Lessons

Your Road to Driving Confidence

Individual Driving Lessons

Experience the ultimate convenience in driving education with our individual driving lessons. Every session is private, providing you with focused attention and personalized guidance tailored to your learning pace. We go the extra mile—literally—by offering door-to-door service. Our instructors pick you up from your home, workplace, or any location you prefer, ensuring a seamless learning experience. After each lesson, we drop you back off, making your journey to becoming a skilled and confident driver both comfortable and stress-free.

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Individual Driving Lessons

Take The First Step Towards Becoming a Skilled and Confident Driver

Brentwood Driver Training has been a trusted name in driving education for over 30 years, providing the tools you need for success. From our fleet of dual-controlled cars to our year-round classes, we offer a roadmap to confident driving. Trust our seasoned instructors to lead you through a comprehensive learning experience, ensuring you gain the skills needed for a lifetime of safe and adept driving.

Private One-On-One Lessons

Dual-Controlled Vehicles

Pick-Up at Home, Work, or School

Insurance Discount

Individual Driving Lessons Availability

Dive into Individual Lessons Today

In-car driving lessons are scheduled based on instructor availability and the area in which you live. Individual driving lessons are only during traditional school hours and available as follows:

9:00AM – 3:00PM

Students who have completed our classroom course and want extra lessons may also schedule lessons after school, on weekends and holidays.

Pricing Options & Scheduling

All individual driving lessons must be pre-paid at time of booking.

  • $165 for 2 hours

  • Three 2 hour lessons: $490 (For this special to apply all three in-car lessons must be scheduled at one time)

The individual driving lessons you schedule are permanent. There is an additional $55 fee when cancelling/rescheduling a lesson without 48 hours notice. Beginning students need an average of three to five lessons to learn to drive, but everyone learns at a different pace, so this varies from person to person.

How to Sign Up

Call our main office to schedule in-car driving lessons (two hours each) and complete payment. We offer pick-up at home, school, or work and drop back off at home at the end of the lesson.

**If you take this course you must take the written/driving test at a State Driver Testing Center for your permit/license respectively.

Precision in Training

Mastering the Road with Our Dual-Controlled Car Fleet

Discover unparalleled safety and comfort as you embark on your driving journey with Brentwood Driver Training. Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in our fleet of fully dual-controlled cars. What does this mean for you? It means that, in addition to your own controls, your instructor has a secondary set, including a steering wheel, brake, and accelerator. This dual-control feature ensures that your instructor can step in when needed, offering guidance and maintaining a secure learning environment. With this advanced safety measure, you can focus on mastering the skills of driving, knowing that your safety is our top priority. Our dual-controlled vehicles provide a reassuring foundation, allowing you to navigate the road with confidence and ease as you progress toward becoming a skilled and responsible driver.

Individual Driving Lessons Instructors

At the core of Brentwood Driver Training lies our exceptional team of instructors, the driving force behind our school’s success. We boast a fleet of over 20 cars accompanied by a team of state-certified instructors dedicated to fulfilling your driving education requirements. Our individual driving lessons instructors undergo rigorous training to ensure your student’s initial experience behind the wheel is not only educational but also safe. With an impressive cumulative total of over 18,000 hours of driving instruction each year, we proudly stand as the longest-standing driver education program in middle Tennessee. This longevity isn’t just a testament to our enduring commitment but also a guarantee that our seasoned instructors bring the highest level of experience to every lesson, providing unparalleled quality in driving education.


Every instructor at Brentwood Driver Training holds licenses and certifications from the State of Tennessee Department of Safety and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. What sets our individual driving lessons team apart is that the majority of our instructors are also licensed school teachers. This additional qualification ensures a unique and comprehensive approach to driver education, creating a well-rounded and effective learning experience for our students.

Insurance Discount

The Lasting Value of Drivers Ed Savings

It’s important to note that various insurance companies provide different discounts for completing drivers’ education courses. To maximize your savings, we recommend reaching out to your insurance provider to inquire about the specific discount they offer. In most cases, the savings obtained through a drivers’ education discount can be substantial, often reaching three to four times the cost of our driving courses. Contact your insurance provider and unlock the potential savings that come with completing our driving course.

Investing in Your Future with Drivers Ed

The advantages of our individual driving lessons program extend beyond immediate savings, as insurance companies typically apply the benefits of the discount until a student reaches the age of 25. This translates to a long-term investment that not only covers the initial course cost but continues to pay for itself multiple times over the years. Enrolling in our program equips students not just with immediate financial benefits but also secures a lasting advantage, ensuring that the enhanced driving skills acquired translate into extended financial perks well into their mid-twenties. It’s a comprehensive investment in both safety and financial well-being that pays dividends well into the future.