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Welcome to Brentwood Driver Training, where the road to skilled and confident driving begins! Nestled at 233 Wilson Pike Circle, our Brentwood Driving School is more than just a place to learn – it’s a welcoming community committed to shaping safe and proficient drivers. Whether you’re a novice eager to start your driving journey or seeking additional skills, our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. With a convenient location on the same street as the Brentwood Skate Center and closer to Church Street, we ensure an accessible and enjoyable learning experience. Secure your spot today and don’t miss out on the opportunity to kickstart your pathway to skilled driving!

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From I-65: Take the Old Hickory Blvd. West exit and turn left onto Franklin Pk. Then take your second left on Church St. and then a right on Wilson Pike Cir. We are in the 5th building on the right side.

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233 Wilson Pike Circle
Brentwood, TN 37027

Experience the difference with Brentwood Driver Training

At Brentwood Driver Training, we take pride in being more than a driving school. We’re a community committed to your success on the road. Join us as we guide you through this transformative experience, shaping you into a driver equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for a lifetime of safe and responsible driving.

Hands-On Virtual Simulators

6 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Instruction

30 Hours of Professional Classroom Instruction

Insurance Discount

Brentwood Driving Class

Teen Classroom Course

Shaping Tomorrow’s Skilled Drivers

Calling all aspiring young drivers! Our Teen Classroom Course at Brentwood Driver Training is your gateway to skilled and confident driving. Join us as we lay the foundation for a future of safe and successful driving, providing comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience. Your journey to becoming a proficient driver begins right here.

  • Cost: $565 (+3%cc fee)

  • Ages 15 to 18 (14 year olds with hardship approval)

Course Description

For over three decades, Brentwood Driver Training has been a cornerstone in Middle Tennessee’s driver education. We offer continual year round classes at our convenient locations across middle Tennessee. Our Teen Classroom course consists of:

  • 30 Hours of Classroom Instruction
  • 6 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Instruction
  • Hands-On Virtual Simulation Lesson

If you are planning to test with us for your license,  please see license eligibility requirements page for more information.

How to Sign Up

Visit our classroom page to see availability for this and other locations.

Exclusive Virtual Simulators

A Unique Approach to Honing Your Skills

Elevate your driving education experience at Brentwood Driver Training, the only driving school in Middle Tennessee utilizing cutting-edge virtual simulators. Distinguishing us from the rest, our program guarantees that your student receives vital training in challenging conditions, boosting their readiness for real-world driving scenarios. Through advanced technology, our simulators provide an incredibly lifelike driving encounter, featuring force feedback in the steering wheels that mirrors the authentic feel of driving. At Brentwood Driver Training, we believe that being the exclusive provider of virtual simulator training in Middle Tennessee enhances the quality of education we deliver. We go beyond the ordinary to offer an immersive and technologically advanced learning environment, setting a new standard for driver education in the region.

Master the Unexpected

At Brentwood Driver Training, our virtual simulators redefine the learning experience by offering students a distinctive opportunity to face a diverse range of driving scenarios that include:

  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Emergency Maneuvers and Obstacles

  • Day and Night Time Driving


Brentwood Driver Training takes pride in offering cutting edge virtual simulators. Licensed and approved by both the TN Department of Safety and the Tennessee Highway Patrol, our simulators embody the latest technology, ensuring a high-quality and immersive training experience for our students.

Insurance Discount

Don’t Miss Out on Potential Savings!

Take a step towards savings by enrolling in our teen classroom course, which opens the door to exclusive insurance discounts. Our certificate of completion is acknowledged by insurance providers, guaranteeing driver’s ed discounts that often surpass three to four times the initial course expense. At Brentwood Driver Training, we understand that investing in your education should yield tangible benefits. Don’t overlook the chance to optimize your savings while making a strategic investment in enhancing your safety and competence on the road. Get in touch with your insurance provider to explore the financial benefits waiting for you after completing our driving course.

Unlock Your Savings Potential

The benefits of our drivers ed program are not short-lived; insurance companies commonly apply the advantages of the discount until a student reaches the age of 25. This means that beyond covering the initial cost, the course continues to pay for itself multiple times over the years. Opting for our program is not just a commitment to immediate savings but a strategic investment, ensuring sustained financial advantages through discounted insurance rates well into the mid-twenties. It’s a decision that pays off both in the present and in the long-term, aligning enhanced driving skills with enduring financial perks.