The Home Video Course is a very convenient way to earn a Driver Education Certificate for a teenager with a busy schedule. It can be started at any time and completed in one week or more. It consists of two private driving lessons with home pick-up, a two hour simulator lesson, and a course you do at home in your spare time. The home course is based on an 18 chapter textbook with accompanying videos and quizzes.  The student will receive a google class link to complete the materials in the google classroom.  Once they have completed this portion and done all of the driving they will receive the certificate of completion.


  • Be sure to check with your insurance provider to determine if this course is acceptable for discounted rates.
  • If you take this course you must take the driving test at a State Driver Testing Center for your license.

Cost: $555

Course Includes:

  • At home program with textbook, quizzes, & video

  • 3 two hour behind-the-wheel lessons (one lesson is on simulator)

  • Accepted by most insurance companies (please check with your insurance carrier)

How to sign up

Call our main office to schedule two in car lessons, one simulator driving lesson (two hours each), and complete payment. We offer pick-up at home or school and drop back off at home at the end of the lesson.

Call to sign up: (615) 373-5634

Common Questions

No. The state only allows us to test for a permit or license through our teen classroom course.

Students are required to attend a supervised classroom course by state law in order for a driving school to administer a test for a permit or license.

However, students may still receive a certificate of completion for the Home Video Course for an insurance discount.

The home video course is very thorough and still holds valuable information that helps students pass their tests at the Driver Testing Station (a.k.a DMV).

One to two weeks depending on the driving schedule you choose.

The beauty of the home video course is its convenience. You can schedule lessons whenever you are available.

If a student wants to finish everything quickly, they can finish in as little as 3 days, whereas some students take a few weeks to complete everything.